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Understanding The Best Ways To Move Forward

I have never been someone who loves to admit that they need help, but after my family was involved in a fatal car accident, I knew that I would need some help moving on from the death of my son. It was really discouraging to think about living each day without him, and I wasn't sure what to do. A friend of mine recommended working through some self help courses, and it made a huge difference for my self-esteem. This blog is all about understanding how to move forward and create a better life for yourself. Check out these blogs to learn more about self help.

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9 February 2017

Many people think that they know everything about

3 Signs That Your Spouse Might Be Using Drugs

Many people think that they know everything about their spouses. However, some people have deep, dark and difficult secrets, such as a hidden drug problem. If your spouse is using drugs, it's important to be aware of the situation so that you can take the right steps to both help your spouse and protect yourself, as well as any children who might be in the home. These are a few signs that your spouse might be using drugs and that it might be time to seek professional guidance.

1. Money is Missing

In general, drug addictions are expensive. Even though a person who is using drugs might be able to "keep it under control" and not spend too much money on drugs at first, the spending can go up drastically as the drug addiction gets worse and worse. If you have noticed that your spouse seems to be making a lot of poor financial decisions or if there is money missing from your budget and you just can't figure out where it's going, it's important to pay close attention. There is a chance that the money could be going toward a drug problem.

2. Your Loved One's Behavior Has Changed Drastically

Everyone has days when they might feel or act differently from usual. However, if your spouse's behavior has changed drastically for seemingly no reason, especially if the problem has been going on for quite some time, you may want to start looking into why. For example, someone who is addicted to drugs might become very moody or irritable when he or she isn't able to get his or her "fix," or someone who used to always be incredibly reliable might start staying out late without calling or might start missing work or showing up for their shift late.

3. You've Found Signs of Drug Use

If you have never used drugs yourself, you might not really know what types of things to look for. However, in many cases, those who use drugs leave behind "evidence." You might find "baggies" in your loved one's car or in his or her pockets when you're doing laundry, or you might find lighters, pipes or other similar paraphernalia in various "hidden" places.

As you can see, there are a few signs that you can watch out for if you are worried that your spouse might be using drugs. If you notice any of these things or if you have a hunch that something could be going on, now is the time to look into getting professional help for your loved one and for your family as a whole. For more information, contact a business such as Pacific Ridge.